About Us

At Squar Milner Financial Services our goals are simple and straightforward.  We will create a financial plan for you that is based on your goals and objectives.  This includes helping you achieve your desired lifestyle.  Our Wealth Management Team knows that each and every client presents a unique set of circumstances and we take this into consideration.  Your future needs and desires, plans for family and charitable giving are all part of the planning process.

Our compensation is fee based and allows us to be completely objective.  Our fiduciary responsibility is first and foremost with your best interest in mind.

This planning process incorporates a number of components.  The critical areas of planning are:

1.      Cash flow analysis

2.      Retirement planning

3.      Estate planning

4.      Income tax planning

5.      Risk management

6.      Investment management

7.      Education planning

8.      Charitable giving and endowments

Our cash flow analysis begins by looking at your income and expenses.  We know that your cash flow needs will change over time.  The planning that we provide is not static and will change as your needs change.  We look at any changes that may be necessary to achieve your goals.  This step takes into account short-term, mid-term and long-term goals that we will help you identify.

We will work with you to analyze your current and future situation to determine how to make your assets last throughout your retirement years.  This includes determining your retirement plan withdrawal strategies and best use of social security claim strategies.

When working with you regarding estate planning,  we consult with your entire estate planning team to discuss wealth planning, legacy planning, beneficiary designations and optimizing tax efficiency which would include transfer of wealth to future generations.

We will work with your CPA® to project and integrate the best tax strategies to minimize your tax obligations based on the current law. Tax law changes occur frequently and we are always monitoring these changes.

In this area we work with you to identify how to share the risk.  Such things as life insurance, disability insurance, long term care are some of the areas that we will work with you to help protect your assets.

In this area we work with you to help preserve and grow your assets.  We take into account your risk tolerance, time horizons and individual goals.  This is accomplished through a diversified portfolio where we focus on after tax returns.

Planning for all life stages of education funding from elementary school through college.

For many, there is a desire to give back to their community, Religious organization and other charities.  We help you plan for this by maximizing your gift through direct giving, foundations and trusts while maximizing your tax benefits to achieve your goals

Our experience has taught us that our value comes from helping our clients make sound financial decisions while eliminating the emotion.  We are here to guide you through economic good times and bad.