John T. Harrington


John Harrington is the Portfolio Strategist and a Principal at Squar Milner Financial Services working in the Orange County office.  John works closely with clients to gain a thorough understanding of their risk tolerance and their expectations for future returns.  With a deep insight into the client’s mindset, he aims to provide clients with greater clarity of expectations regarding returns and the manageable risks of investing.  Often, the benefit of this understanding for clients is confidence.  With this confidence, clients are better prepared to experience the natural market volatility that is always present due to ever changing economic conditions. Through active management, John strives to balance the primary focus of “preservation of capital” with the short-term opportunities created by market volatility to better achieve consistently favorable investment results for clients.   

For over thirty-five years, John has spent his entire career in the investment management profession, in the early years of his career, he worked at various well-known Bank and Trust companies.  At those institutions, John gained a broad breadth of experience and expertise in managing both equity and fixed income portfolios in tax-advantaged accounts like pension plans, private foundations to taxable accounts for wealthy individuals and families.  As a Senior Portfolio Manager, at these large institutions, John was also a member of several oversight and policy committees such as Strategy and Asset Allocation.  With a growing focus on managing taxable accounts for wealthy individuals, during the “tech-bubble” crash of 2000-2002, John was able to favorably manage the equity risk exposure in client portfolios. With this knowledge and expertise, John then decided co-found, a private, boutique alternative investment firm, where he served as the Chief Investment Officer. Years later, he merged his firm into a larger investment firm focused on taxable accounts and high net-worth individuals. 

Series 65 - Registered Investment Advisors License (Active)

  • MBA (Finance) The Peter F. Drucker School  – Claremont Graduate University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA
  • United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO